i will go to ALANG SENDAYU ...

happy happy happy . i've made my decision . i will join my class party that will be held at alang sendayu . next wednesday . af'rina , my class' treasurer said that our bus will be 'cikai jea' . hahhaha . apa la rupa bas tu nanti ? can't wait . i'm just sooooo excited . i'll spend my day with my wonderful friends . but i just afraid of something , is there any lintah or pacat ? somebody please tell me that there's no lintah or pacat there . huh ! my father's story , scared me . please don't bite me lintah , pacat . i don't wanna get any love bite from you all . please please please ! it can be my worst nightmare , huh ! i think i'm just not afraid of cats . i'm scared ! even it's just a hamster , it will scared me . anybody knows how to prevent the lintah or pacat from biting me ? nobody knows isn't ? huh ! i think i need to search about it in the internet .

p/s : i stop now . i want to do my research =D

Sorry for the inappropriate language used !

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